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27 Kid-Friendly Branson MO Activities at Budget-Friendly Prices!

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27 Kid-Friendly Branson MO Activities at Budget-Friendly Prices!

Although most things in Branson carry an affordable price tag, families are always looking for ways to save a little money when it comes to finding stuff for the little ones to do while on vacation...and let’s not forget the teenagers!   And we know that finding free things to do is also important; check out how many things there are to do in Branson that have NO price tag attached!  Branson Fun for Free - 20 No-Cost Things To Do!

Branson has a huge selection of live entertainment, and every resident show is family-friendly - there will be some shows that are more enticing for kids than others, but you won’t find one that has you scrambling to get their ears or eyes covered!  Our list includes shows that make a special effort to be affordable for those with youngsters.

When it comes to activities that won’t break the bank, here are things for kids of all ages:

Big savings for kids at shows!  These great live shows offer free tickets for toddlers three (3) and under:

1.  #1 Hits of the 60s (& 50s, Too!) - Journey back to an era filled with happiness, hip threads, and fab fun!

2.  All shows at Grand Country Music Hall:

Amazing Pets - Your funny, furry, four-legged friends liven up the Branson stage!

Branson Country USA - A feisty live audience radio show that airs throughout the country!

Comedy Jamboree - Hilarity, music, and crazy funny folks who love to amp up the laughter!

Down Home Country - A dose of country, gospel, and western music-in-the-morning heaven!

Grand Jubilee - A grand good time from beginning to end, headlined by the sensational New South!

New South Gospel - With a generous dose of gospel greats, it’s a music extravaganza!

Ozarks Country - The ladies of Branson family royalty make Sunday the best day for great music!

Ozarks Gospel - A Branson afternoon of amazing music, boundless joy, and heartfelt inspiration!

And all shows at Grand Country Music Hall make it affordable for your teens - kids four (4) to seventeen (17) are just $5!

3. Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Show - Your favorite dinner-and-a-show experience! (Free-ticket toddlers sit on your lap.)

4. Doug Gabriel - That rare artist who brilliantly belts out everythign from Michael Bolton to Roy Orbison!

5. The Duttons - Harmony and happiness that only family can deliver - filled with music, dance, and laughter!

6. The Haygoods - A big talented family who delivers a state-of-the-art music show to packed houses!

7. The Johnson Strings - They’re fiddling their lives away, much to the delight of everyone in Branson!

8. Nedgra Culp & Girls on Fire -  Fabulous showcase for three leading ladies with unforgettable voices! (Requires the toddler to sit on someone’s lap rather than in a separate seat.)

9. Reza - Edge of Illusion - Mesmerizes with everything from sleight-of-hand to grand illusions!  

Even bigger savings for kids at shows!  These Fun live shows won’t charge you for children four (4) and under:  

10. Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai - Now here's a show where the name says it's simply quite amazing!

11. AYO Starring Voices of Glory - Three siblings who delighted everyone on America's Got Talent!

12. Hughes Music Show -  Fabulous family entertainment, from Branson’s biggest family to yours! (Requires the toddler to sit on someone’s lap rather than in a separate seat.)

13. Liverpool Legends - The songs, the look, the voices...they’re the complete Beatles package!

14. Raiding the Country Vault - Share the vision...experience the reality...delight in the magic of great country!

15. Doo Wop & The Drifters - Discover the sweet, soulful side of the Midwest’s favorite music city (Free tickets are for children five (5) and under!)

16. Statler Brothers Revisited - The classic songs you remember and love, from impeccably spot-on artists! (Free tickets for children eleven (11) and under!)

Biggest show savings for kids!  These shows offer free tickets for children twelve (12) and under:   

17. Beach Boys California Dreamin’ - A magical music recipe with a dash of 60s and 70s and a pinch of folk!

18. Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety - Grand collection of “unbelievable” artists and acts - magic, music, more!

19. Janice Martin Cirque Show - The world’s only acrobatic aerial violinist, and she’s a great singer, too!

20. Magnificent Seven - 75 songs from seven decades with 200 costume changes!

21. The Music Factory - Packed with more music than you’d ever expect from just two guys on stage!

22. Sons of Britches - A barrel of laughs and some seriously excellent music!

It’s important to note that free tickets for kids of any age are available with the purchase of  at least one adult ticket; but we know you won’t send your kids to a show without you!

Shows with a budget-friendly family pass!  Another way to save significant money is with a family pass.  You can purchase family pass tickets at these wonderful shows:  AYO Starring Voices of Glory, Amazing Pets, Beach Boys California Dreamin’,Comedy Jamboree, Down Home Country, Raiding the Country Vault, Reza - Edge of Illusion, and Statler Brothers Revisited.

Money-saving attractions!  These attractions offer affordable prices for everyone, but especially for the youngsters: 

23. Branson’s Famous Old Time Photos: The area’s most authentic and immersive vintage photo experience offers all kinds of great deals!

24. Branson’s Promised Land Zoo:  Discover the the most personal, interactive zoo experience you can have, and save money with their VIP Admission!

25. Hollywood Wax Museum:  An affordable All Access Pass lets you experience the Museum, Castle of Chaos, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, and Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf all for one low price!

26. Parakeet Peet’s Waterfront Zipline & Steampunk Balloon: This Branson Landing attraction makes for a wild double-whammy of airborne fun, and saves you big with their combo ticket!

27. Titanic Branson:  Throw in a little education with a fascinating visit to this faithful reproduction of the world’s most famous ship, and enjoy interactive displays and genuine artifacts!

Here, you'll find a long list of other fantastic attractions with ticket prices under $20!  14 Branson Attractions Under $20 - WOW!

We hope this comprehensive list gives you lots of ideas for doing things with the kids that won’t break the budget!  This isn’t everything affordable that Branson has to offer; for more ideas, visit