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Branson Comedy - Looking for the 30 Biggest Laughs!

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Branson Comedy - Looking for the 30 Biggest Laughs!

Famous for shows, shows, and even more shows, Branson, MO is filled with music, song, dance, magic, acrobatics, and best of all - lots of big, beautiful belly laughs!  And when it comes to laughter, you’ll find far more than shows to give you that wonderful feeling you get from just lettin’ it go! We’re going to share 30 different ways to cheerfully chuckle, grab a gleeful giggle, enjoy a great big guffaw, have a merry meltdown of mirth...ok, that’s enough, you get the idea - here’s an alphabetized list of where to find the funny in Branson!

1. Amazing Pets:  Is there anything that can make us laugh more than animals?  Lovingly rescued and trained pets amp up the happiness! (More info here: Amazing Pets)

2. Branson Country USA: Mike Patrick and Jim Dandy remind us why we can always count on Grand Country Music Hall for a grand guffaw!   (More info here: Branson Country USA)

3. Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Show:  An outrageously funny comedy loosely based on Branson history that enlists more than a dozen “actors” from the audience?  Yep, we dare you NOT to laugh out loud! (More info here: Branson Murder Mystery)

4. Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers:  Branson’s first show has kept audiences laughing for years, and we’re still lovin’ Droop Jr. and company!   (More info here: Branson's Famous Baldknobbers)

5. Branson’s Famous Old Time Photos:  Dressing up the family in old hillbilly or saloon attire gets the giggles going long before the first flash of the camera!   (More info here: Branson's Famous Old Time Photos)

6. Branson’s Promised Land Zoo:  Even more animals, these in a natural setting doing the funny things critters like to do!   (More info here: Branson's Promised Land Zoo)

7. C.J. Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy:  Great music, but for laughter junkies, it’s the “& Comedy” delivered by long-time favorite Branson funnyman, Terry Sanders, that packs ‘em in!   (More info here: C.J. Newsom's Classic Country & Comedy)

8. Clay Cooper’s Country Express:  A show with lots of lighter moments really gets down and ditzy when the mighty Matt Gumm takes the stage!  (Helpful hint: You’ll need a bathroom break!) (More info here: Clay Cooper's Country Express)

9. Comedy Jamboree:  We’re back to Grand Country because we know we can count on cacklin’ big time at the antics of Applejack, Stretch McCord, and Andy Parks!   (More info here: Comedy Jamboree)

10. Comedy of Jim Barber:  If you’ve never seen veteran ventriloquist and all-around funnyman, Jim Barber, you’ve been missing out on a whole lot of merriment!   (More info here: Comedy of Jim Barber)

11. Dolly Parton’s Stampede:  The excitement of gorgeous horses, trick riders, music, and more, but make sure you don’t have a mouthful of delicious food when the giggles get going!   (More info here: Dolly Parton's Stampede)

12. Doug Gabriel:  Yep, we know, it’s all about that great big beautiful voice, but we need to tell you - his son, Jordan, will have you laughing ‘til it hurts!   (More info here: Doug Gabriel)

13. Down Home Country:  Once again, Grand Country makes this list because the jolly Jaime Haage, and the bust-your-belly comedy of Jarrett Dougherty are reason enough to buy tickets!   (More info here: Down Home Country)

14. Duttons:  This show makes you wonder where they hide the family members who aren’t talented ...thankfully, they all are, and that includes owning a fabulous sense of humor!   (More info here: Duttons)

15. Grand Country’s Farm 18-Hole Mini Golf:  Honestly, unless you’re with a group of professional golfers, watching everyone in your party trying their best to impress with a golf putter is pretty darn hilarious!   (More info here: Grand Country's Farm 18-Hole Mini Golf)

16. Grand Jubilee:  Our final list entry from the funny folks at Grand Country; this vivacious variety show brings back Mike Patrick and Jaime Haage to tickle you silly!   (More info here: Grand Jubilee)

17. Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety:  This show includes a lot of talent that’s too good to be believed, but believe us, the laughter is unforgettable!   (More info here: Hamners' Unbelievable Variety)

18. Hughes Music Show: They all possess a comedy show-worthy sense of humor, but your funny bone is sure to crack up when the spotlight shines on Jason Hughes!  (Disclaimer: No “funny bones” are actually cracked during the Hughes Music Show.) (More info here: Hughes Music Show)

19. Mike Walker - Lasting Impressions: Spot-on impersonations that include cartoon characters and political figures?  Now that’s the perfect example of “laughter is the best medicine!” (More info here: Mike Walker - Lasting Impressions)

20. Pierce Arrow:  With a decades-long reputation for delivering the funny, Pierce Arrow doesn’t disappoint with the joyously jolly antics of James Sibley!   (More info here: Pierce Arrow)

21. Presleys’ Country Jubilee:  If Herkimer and Cecil don’t have you rollin’ in the aisle, we’re thinking you’re just laughin’ too hard to find the aisle!   (More info here: Presleys'  Country Jubilee)

22. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!: This is one of those places where nobody has a straight face - you’re either shrieking, gasping, or laughing out loud at Branson’s most unbelievable collection of oddities!   (More info here: Ripley's Believe It Or Not!)

23. Runaway Mountain Coaster:  No matter what type of roller coaster you’re on, there’s just no way to make it from beginning to end without a humongous smile on your face!   (More info here: Runaway Mountain Coaster)

24. Sanders Family Christmas: A happy holiday production showcasing a fall-down-funny fictional family portrayed by one of the zaniest casts in the Ozarks!   (More info here: Sanders Family Christmas)

25. Shepherd of the Hills Homestead:  Laugh yourself silly riding ATVs or flying down from Inspiration Tower on the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider - the Homestead offers more than one way to put some happy in your day!   (More info here: Off-Road Ozark ATV Adventures and Vigilante Extreme ZipRider)

26. Silver Dollar City:  Branson’s award-winning theme park...raucous rides, rollicking roller coasters, live shows, and wandering performers - there’s a pure plethora of grins and giggles everywhere you turn!   (More info here: Silver Dollar City)

27. SIX: These are six honest-to-goodness brothers who deliver an entire orchestra of sound without instruments, and round out every show with loads of laughs!   (More info here: SIX)

28. Smoke on the Mountain:  The regular season show features that same fantastic cast of characters who portray the Sanders clan, and they’re sure to keep you in stitches from beginning to end!   (More info here: Smoke on the Mountain)

29. Sons of Britches:  If you’re already laughing at the name, just wait until you see the show!   (More info here: Sons of Britches)

30. Yakov - Make America Laugh Again:  If anyone can do it, our forever favorite Russian comedian, Yakov Smirnoff, is surely the one!   (More info here: Yakov - Make America Laugh Again)

Now that we’ve given 30 great places to find the funny in Branson, if you give us a call, we’ll make it easy to find great seats!