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AYO Brings the House Down in Branson

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AYO Brings the House Down in Branson

Another Branson show in our Summer of Shows series, AYO Starring Voices of Glory, brings together a trio of talented siblings by the names of Michael, Avery, and Nadia Cole, and combines pop, soul, jazz, and gospel to create a unique performance.

The youngest member of Voices of Glory, Nadia, is a whopping 16 years old! Don't let the age fool you, however. She has one of the most powerful and soulful voices you'll find anywhere in Branson, or the country as a whole, regardless of age. Michael has the soulful voice of a crooner and Avery brings the beautiful mid-range, as well as skillfully handling some instrumental duties covering current pop hits like "Thinking Out Loud".


Voices of Glory On Stage


Their story is one that easily could have been tragic but ended up being wonderful and inspirational, instead. Their mother was in a collision with a drunk driver and in a coma for 8 months. While in the coma, the children would sing to her. After she came out of the coma, they began traveling around to hospitals and nursing homes doing the very same thing for others.

This began a whirlwind experience for the group that included being finalists on America's Got Talent and now entering their fourth year as performers here in Branson, with their own show.


Voices of Glory On Stage


We spent some time at their show and captured some excellent footage. Click here check out a 4 minute clip of their 2016 show highlights, and when you've finished, be sure to check out this video of our interview with Voices of Glory!

To purchase tickets or learn more about AYO Starring Voices of Glory, CLICK HERE.


Avery Cole with a fan

Nadia Cole with a fan

Michael Cole with a fan