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Branson’s On the Move -- Time for the Annual Show-Go!

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Branson’s On the Move -- Time for the Annual Show-Go!

It’s time for Branson’s annual Show-Go...as in “where did my favorite show go?”  One of the best things about all the incredible entertainment in Branson is the staying power of so many great shows, but just because they stay in Branson doesn’t mean they stay put!  With so many fantastic live entertainment venues, there’s always room somewhere for a new show, or to provide a stage for a show that’s on the move. Fondly referred to as the “Branson Shuffle” by locals, it’s important to keep up with shows that have found a new home -- Save On Branson has the latest news for you:

  • Raiding the Country Vault is stealing the spotlight at Starlite Theatre!  Featuring an impressive line-up of country music veterans performing an incredible list of hit songs, it’s one hot country music showcase!

  • Billy Dean is bunkin’ with Jim Stafford...so to speak!  Billy Dean & Steel Horses wow country fans with songs like Dean’s Grammy-nominated and ACM Song of the Year “Somewhere in My Broken Heart.”  

  • Now at the Grand Shanghai Theatre (formerly Mickey Gilley’s), The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai are showcasing edge-of-your-seat acrobatics, defying everything from gravity to the body’s ability to bend!

  • AYO - Voices of Glory are the newest “stars” of Starlite!  Featuring three extremely talent siblings, this show provides the type of music and message that fits Branson like a glove.

  • ABBA Tribute - Thank You for the Music is thankful for their new spotlight at Hamners’ Variety Theatre! Exceptional artists deliver the moves, larger-than-life personas, and long list of catchy pop tunes!

  • The Blackwoods give gospel a home at The Dutton Family Theater!  R.W. and Donna Blackwood honor the sensational family legacy with an uplifting show of inspirational gospel music and lots of laughter!

  • The Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is mystifying folks at the new Majestic Theater!  This insanely funny story of Branson folks mysteriously dying off is a rootin’ tootin’ heck of a grand ole’ time!

  • Beach Boys California Dreamin’ gives folks great music to dream about at Hamners’ Variety Theatre!  It’s a magical music recipe with a dash of 60’s and 70’s, a pinch of folk, and a bowlful of fun on the beach!  

  • Comedy Hypnosis blows your mind in Branson at the Majestic Theatre!  Jecobie Roberts lets you either get in on the act, or watch the hypnosis hilarity from your seat...and she’s also downright hilarious!

  • Forever Young may have found a forever home at the Americana Theatre!  A group of friends, a stack of old records, and a reminder of how music, more than anything else, brings back cherished memories!  

  • George Dyer brings his big voice and beautiful family to the Americana Theatre!  It’s a showcase for a stunning voice delivering Broadway songs, pop hits, a little touch of opera, and lots of love and laughter!

  • SIX make it one great big happy family at the Hughes Brothers Theatre!  It’s a cappella music on steroids when the Knudsen brothers use nothing more than their own voices to deliver the sounds of a full band!

Now that you know where all these sensational shows have found a new home, start getting those tickets reserved before everyone else finds out!  Give Save On Branson a call, and an experienced, local vacation planning specialist will not only reserve your tickets, they’ll make sure you have the best seats at the lowest possible price!  Call us while good seats are still available…we’ve been saving them just for you, but we can’t do it forever, so call right now!