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10 Branson Classics - Talent Nurtured in America’s Entertainment Capital!

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10 Branson Classics - Talent Nurtured in America’s Entertainment Capital!

Branson is home to a plethora of incredible shows, successful venues, and artists of all ages, talents, and walks of life - literally dozens upon dozens to choose what if you want to experience the real Branson classics?  The careers born or nurtured here and multi-show theaters that have given us years of long-running, popular acts? If you want to truly experience classic Branson entertainment, here’s what you can’t miss:

1. Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers:  If you know anything about Branson, you’re familiar with one of the two founding families of the entertainment industry here - the first to perform in Branson’s city limits was the Mabe Family - Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers.  Filled with a variety of country music and laugh-yourself-silly comedy, it’s a show you definitely need to see! Find more show information at Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers.

2. Clay Cooper’s Country Express:  Musical variety, top-notch dancers, and some of the best comedy in Branson come together to deliver one of Branson’s most iconic shows!  Clay is such a consummate showman, he’s often tapped to emcee or headline special events and promotional videos. And comedian, Matt Gumm, is truly unforgettable!  Find more show information at Clay Cooper’s Country Express.

3. Doug Gabriel:  With a voice bigger than the stage he commands, Gabriel delivers pop, country, rock, and hot hit songs from other genres.  He’s joined on stage by his talented family - they provide the backing vocals, instruments, dancing, and family-friendly comedy that helps to create a have-to-see-it-again show!  Find more show information at Doug Gabriel.

4.  God & Country Theatres:  Jerry Presley’s multi-stage venue offers an impressive lineup of shows that offer something for everyone - rock, pop, and Motown tributes, as well as what every Branson theater can’t live without - comedy!  Don’t miss Jerry’s own tribute performance honoring the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself - Elvis! Find more show information at Jerry Presley - Elvis Live and

5. Grand Country Music Hall:  The centerpiece of an exciting one-stop entertainment center, the Music Hall shares a home with a hotel, indoor waterpark, multiple dining options, gift shops, and more.  The theater offers a dynamic lineup of country music shows, hilarious comedy, and even a live radio broadcast show! Find more show information at Branson Country USA, and other Grand Country shows at

6. Haygoods:  Branson still considers them a talented bunch of “kids”...knowing they’ve been entertaining for more than 25 years tells you just how young they were when they first won over audiences at Silver Dollar City!  All grown up now, they give is their all as singers and dancers, delivering a variety of music backed up by state-of-the-art special effects and sound, gorgeous costumes and sets, and more! Find more show information at The Haygoods.

7. Nedgra Culp:  She’s performed with many of Branson’s biggest stars, both local artists and national names, and gave Legends in Concert a truly phenomenal Aretha Franklin tribute.  Nedgra even spent a few years away sharing her talent in other destinations, but she definitely built her amazing reputation here, and now she’s holding court on stage in a brilliant new Branson show!  Find more show information at Nedgra Culp & Girls on Fire.

8. Pierce Arrow:  When it comes to country music and comedy, Pierce Arrow has been a top Branson contender for decades!  The sensational line-up of singers has made changes throughout the seasons, but one constant has been bass singer, Dan Britton.  Also the show’s owner, Britton’s made sure the music stays top notch and the comedy never takes a back seat! Find more show information at Pierce Arrow, and check out Pierce Arrow Presents: Decades.

9. The Presleys:  Branson’s other founding family, the Presleys, were the first to open a theater on the now world-famous Highway 76, and have continuously given happy audiences a sensational country music and comedy (Herkimer and Cecil are legendary) show for more than 50 years!  The show’s a true Branson treasure, and their theater an iconic fixture on The Strip. Find more show information at Presleys’ Country Jubilee.

10. Shepherd of the Hills:  It’s now a multi-attraction complex spread over a gorgeous piece of Ozarks countryside, but it all began with a memorable outdoor production of Harold Bell Wright’s best-selling novel, The Shepherd of the Hills.  You can still enjoy this piece of Branson history thanks to new ownership keeping it available for generations of guests to come!  Find more show information at Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama, and check out their other attractions at

Obviously, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these ten important Branson shows and venues - this entertainment mecca is overflowing with other shows - magic, acrobats, and more - and attractions that include museums, golf courses, go-karts, mini-golf, mountain coasters, ziplines, ropes and other physical challenge activities, and a sensational world-class, award-winning theme park - Silver Dollar City.  So that week you were planning for a Branson getaway? Better make it two!