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A Review of The Haygoods in Branson, MO

by  |  Shows & Entertainment, Editorial Reviews
A Review of The Haygoods in Branson, MO

Take a journey with Beth as you share her experience at Branson's most popular show, The Haygoods.  Hay, these guys are good!  Thats what everyone says.  Lets see what Beth experienced in her visit to the show.

Flashing lights, pulsating beats and jaw-dropping stunts are one way to sum up The Haygood’s one-of-a-kind show! The Haygoods are a long-standing Branson, staple consisting of six multi-talented and very diverse siblings. These kids sing, dance, and play a huge catalogue of instruments in a two hour performance 7:30 pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at the Clay Cooper Theatre (1,200 seating capacity), located across the street from the Titanic Museum off W 76 Country Boulevard.

The theatre packs up quick and the lines for tickets get long fast prior to shows, so people in attendance are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance for best parking and shorter waits. Sometimes there is a pre-show that begins about 45 minutes beforehand in which high school choirs and local performers will entertain the audience as everyone is ushered to their seats. The lobby is a tight squeeze with the box office only running two or three lines at time (which in normal theatres is not an issue but seeing as how The Haygoods are so popular, it gets crowded fast). Guests are urged to get their tickets prior to the show to avoid waiting in the long lines. The aroma of fresh popped kettle corn can be smelled the second you walk in the door. Other refreshments available include a candy buffet in the lobby, popcorn and sodas. ($1 refills for sodas and popcorn!) A gift shop selling t-shirts, CDs, DVDs and other Haygoods memorabilia is located in the far right corner of the lobby as well. This show in particular was sold-out, with an array of people in the audience ranging from the young and old to couples and families. Seating is tiered allowing for excellent views, with a second level above the floor seating. Chairs are comfortable and do feature cup holders.

The Haygoods bring down the house night after night with incredibly tight harmonies, innovative staging, choreography, and virtuoso performances on an enormous selection of instruments! This entertainment adventure combines the families' special brand of musical magic with state-of-the-art special effects and unstoppable energy that will leave you wanting more! The stage is huge and features two giant fiddles the size of fishing boats suspended above it, in homage to Branson’s rich country heritage.

The visual display is outstanding! This onstage team uses one-of-a-kind performance techniques including zip lines, laser lights, fog enhancements, projection screens, pyrotechnics, larger than-life-props and more. The audience is truly engulfed in the music as the artists perform their modern-day takes on a variety of genres ranging from country and gospel to classic rock and current pop hits. During this performance, they covered such a huge variety of songs ranging from ACDC’s Thunder to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. They played well over a dozen instruments onstage, including the banjo, violin, guitar, saxophone, harp and more. To top it off, their costumes and electric instruments flash with LED lights synchronized to their music. It is truly unlike anything audiences have ever seen or heard. The sound quality in the theatre is amazing, the bass literally shook the seats. Plenty of comedy relief and hilarious banter amongst the brothers kept guests entertained during set and song transitions. This show is very interactive and action-packed. During this performance, fire balls erupted onstage during a cover of Jonny Cash’s Ring of Fire. Huge streams of confetti fell upon the audience and giant beach balls were launched into the crowd during The Haygood’s rendition of “When the Sun Goes Down” by Kenny Chesney. Several audience members were handed the microphone as they sang along with The Haygoods and a live kiss-cam put affectionate couples in the audience on the big screen during love songs.

The Haygoods really try to capture their love of the Ozark Mountains, by bringing nature to the stage. In a matter of seconds, the equipment and prop-filled set morphed into a campfire scene with all six siblings gathered around with their guitars and fiddles in hand as they sang southern classics such as Willie Nelson’s “Always on my Mind” and Alabama’s “Song of the South”. They even rolled out fog, projected a universe of stars onto their backdrop and played chirping crickets, bringing the wilderness to the stage! People sitting in the audience really felt as though they were huddled beneath the Milkyway singing campfire songs alongside the Haygood family. The finale was absolutely breath taking, as they unleashed all of their best special effects for one final blow out including a Trans-Siberian style rhapsody of melodies and state-of-the-art costuming.

During the 15 minute intermission, a kettle corn and soda cart was wheeled out in front of the stage for the audiences’ convenience to avoid overcrowding in the lobby around the concession stand. After the show, The Haygoods met out in the lobby for a meet and greet with the crowd.

The Haygoods were so versatile and multi-talented as they sang, strummed and tap danced their way through the show to a standing ovation. Two front row audience members from Texas celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary were quoted as saying: “After coming to Branson for over 30 years we must say, this is by far the best and most amazing live performance we have ever seen on a stage.” It is quite clear why The Haygoods sell out show after show, season after season with their feel-good, fun-filled, and elaborately detailed performance.