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Christmas in Branson 2019! Holiday Happiness is Headed this Way!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019  |  Shows & Entertainment, Attractions & Activities, Events & Festivals

Branson loves every holiday, big or small, but especially loves the grandest of them all...Christmas! Maybe you celebrate another end-of-year holiday, that’s okay, Branson welcomes you to enjoy the festivities and magical atmosphere created by the town’s biggest celebration of the year! Most of the shows change up at least half their performance and fill it with Christmas classics and more recent holiday hits...Silver Dollar City glows with literally millions of lights bedazzling just about ev

Branson’s Austin Singley Serves Up Hypnotic Laughter!

Monday, September 2, 2019  |  Shows & Entertainment

Branson’s only show with both a family-friendly version and one aimed at an adult audience, is delivered by the hilarious master of laughter and hypnosis, Austin Singley! This town offers dozens of shows - a wide variety of live entertainment that makes it easy for everyone to find something that makes them happy, but there’s nothing in Branson that folks enjoy more than laughing themselves silly, and satisfying silliness abounds during Comedy Hypnosis with Austin Singley!

St. James Winery - The New Branson Reserve Wine Has Arrived!

Friday, August 30, 2019  |  Attractions & Activities, Restaurants & Dining, Branson News

St. James Winery in Branson announces the arrival of the all new Branson Reserve Series, and wine lovers couldn’t be more excited! Since opening its Branson doors in 2017, St. James’ has been making fans of Missouri’s biggest winery happy with easy access to a wide range of multi-award-winning wines. If you haven’t been since the early months of operation, St. James has tweaked offerings in their beautiful facility located just off Branson’s famous Strip. The focus on dining has been refined t

STEAK! Branson’s Best Beef - 8 Great Places for Steak!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019  |  Restaurants & Dining

Nothing gets your mouth watering quite like the prospect of biting into a tender, juicy, and downright delightfully delicious steak...and, when you’re ready for an unforgettable meal featuring your favorite meat, you need look no further than the incredible destination you love to visit - Branson, Missouri! We’ve uncovered eight great eateries that serve up one mean hunk of everybody’s favorite beef, and we didn’t cop out and just list a bunch of familiar chain restaurants, each of these fantas

Janice Martin, Branson’s Queen of Multi-Tasking Talents!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019  |  Shows & Entertainment

There are a lot of unusual performers out there, one episode of America’s Got Talent is certainly proof of that, but as far as we know, when it comes to being uniquely unusual, Janice Martin wears the crown in Branson! She can sing like a bird and fly like a...well, she can also fly like a bird - and she doesn’t seem content to display just one of her exceptional talents at a time, she’s a master at combining skills as easily as most of us stroll down the street. One of the coolest things to w