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Branson’s C.J. Newsom - Music and Laughs Delivered with Country Class!

Thursday, August 15, 2019  |  Shows & Entertainment

C.J. Newsom’s delightful show, Classic Country & Comedy, goes beyond the title to offer a song list with a little something extra, including the music of Patsy Cline, one of the first female artists whose hit songs easily defied genre labels, appealing to music fans from all walks of life. And no live music headliner could ask for a better comedic sidekick; Newsom shares the stage with non other than Terry Sanders, the long-time funnyman who could easily own the moniker of Branson’s Lord of Lau

Big Names in Branson for 2019 - 22 Concerts Coming Up!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019  |  Shows & Entertainment

In March, we posted a helpful list of all the big name acts visiting Branson this year - here, we’re not only reminding you of the concerts yet to come, we’ve added announcements of even more big names coming this way...yep, we’re so jazzed we can barely wait! Branson is already bursting at the theater seams with more phenomenal shows than you’ll find in any other destination, so these one-night-only concerts and limited engagement appearances are like the tastiest icing on the “gotta see it” l

Silver Dollar City in Branson - New Ride & Park Expansion - This is HUGE!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019  |  Shows & Entertainment, Attractions & Activities, Events & Festivals, Branson News

Branson’s world-famous, multi-award-winning theme park, Silver Dollar City, just made its “biggest announcement ever,” according to president, Brad Thomas...Branson’s top entertainment draw is undergoing a major park expansion, highlighted by Mystic River Falls, a ginormous water raft ride! The park expansion, known as the Rivertown project, will rise from the area of the park where the 80s-era water ride, Lost River of the Ozarks, once called home. By 2020, guests will be able to experience th

See The Beatles in Branson, Courtesy of Liverpool Legends!

Friday, August 9, 2019  |  Shows & Entertainment

The timeless music of our favorite British imports can be found alive and well in Branson! It’s been 50 years since the Beatles went their separate ways, but not before they made such a substantial impression on the music industry, in the few short years they shared as a group, that they’re still regarded as the most influential rock band the world has ever seen.

Branson Revives The Toby Show at the Legendary Shepherd of the Hills

Thursday, August 8, 2019  |  Shows & Entertainment, Attractions & Activities

A classic has returned to Branson, the light-hearted, laughable, and lovably loony production of The Toby Show! Once a staple on small town stages and in traveling tents across the country, this homespun vaudeville-style show is the definition of family-friendly, making it a picture perfect fit for Branson’s live entertainment community. The plot is simple, but effective, and centers around “Toby,” the quintessential country lad who gets the better of a slick city character.