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Branson Zipline - Snowflex Tubing

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Branson Zipline’s Snowflex Tubing brings year-round winter-style fun to the Ozarks’ Wolfe Mountain!  It’s a slip-sliding, tube-riding adventure you won’t find elsewhere in Branson; as a matter of fact, it’s one of the few located in the U.S. The best part is that you won’t freeze your fingers off - the only thing that gets chilly is the Snowflex surface! This 400 by 60-foot “slide” can handle up to six (6) tubes simultaneously, and don’t be fooled by anyone’s description of the Wolfe Mountain Preserve as being populated with gentle hills, this is no cream puff sledding slope!  Branson Zipline’s Snowflex hill is perfect for just about everyone...your thrill-seeking teens...your grade-schoolers...your grandma and grandpa...and even your littlest ones - ages three (3) to five (5) - can hop aboard your tube with you, or join you in a tandem tube!

If you’re now wondering how exactly folks are able to “snow tube” in the Ozarks year-round...the “slide” is a high-performance polymer composite surface with small holes in it; the holes are fed with water by lines embedded in the material.  The water mists the surface creating a slick, but not quite as slippery as ice, texture that allows the tubes to easily glide down the hill. Although Europe has dozens of Snowflex parks, it’s still a new attraction for the U.S., and Branson has one of the very few, as well as the biggest, you’ll find in this country!

Additional Information/Helpful Hints

  • Branson Zipline is located in Wolfe Creek Preserve - just 9 miles north of Branson.

  • Branson Zipline’s Snowflex Park can be found at 2339 U.S. Hwy 65 in Walnut Shade.

  • The Preserve is open daily from February 10 through December 31 for tours, including holidays.

  • There are restrooms at Wolfe Creek Station - please plan accordingly as there are no restroom facilities anywhere else on the property.

  • All participants must sign a waiver; those under eighteen (18) years-of-age (17 and under) must have the signature of their parent or legal guardian.

  • All Snowflex guests must be in good physical health with average strength and mobility in order to participate.

  • Anyone with a serious medical condition, including heart-related issues, back injuries, and/or other serious illnesses, and/or those who do not meet the above requirements, cannot participate in tubing at Snowflex Park.

  • It’s recommended that you dress in layers in case tubing warms you up, or changing weather cools you off too much!

  • Wolfe Creek Mountain allows smoking only in designated areas; all other areas are smoke-free.  Participants cannot use tobacco products of any kind during their tour and/or while wearing equipment provided by Branson Zipline.

  • Individuals impaired by alcohol and/or drugs (both legal and illegal drugs,) will not be permitted to participate.

  • Wolfe Creek Station offers a themed gift shop that includes not only logo merchandise, but unique items like handmade Amish crafts and canned goods, birdhouses, home decor, and more. The shop typically opens at 8:00 a.m. depending on the season, but will always open by 9:00 a.m. when weather permits.

Looking for something fun and different to do -- something different even if you’ve been to Branson Zipline in the past for one of their canopy tours?  Well, we’ve found your “different” right here at Branson Zipline with the recently added phenomenal attraction known as Snowflex Tubing -- it’s about to become your new favorite adventure!

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1 reviews


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 26, 2020
We thoroughly enjoyed the tubing. It was something different and exciting. The hills are fun that you go over in the tube. We brought friends and all of us loved the tubing. We are planning another trip with more friends and this is a must. Having the escalator to help climb the hill is a plus especially after you rush up the hill a few times. This was a great addition to the zipline experience.
Last visited in March 2018

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  Located at 2339 US Highway 65 in Walnut Shade, MO 65771

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