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Xcape Branson

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Xcape Branson - two words you probably never thought you’d use together since Branson is your favorite place to escape to, right?  How about a riveting, exciting, and completely captivating escape game IN Branson?  Now that’s perfect!   All you need to do is grab at least three of your friends or family members, and get ready to escape from a frightening nuclear meltdown or a mind-blowing zombie apocalypse!  Don’t worry, you won’t be left to your own devices, so to’ll be supplied with one -- an iPad, and that’s it!  You’ll use your iPad to track clues and your time as you make your way through sensational rooms that employ lasers, animatronics, videos, and other fascinating features and special effects to challenge your party and enhance your experience -- it’s an incredibly realistic environment -- utterly fantastic!  Not only for recreation, Xcape Branson is a great team-building vehicle that can include after-game questionnaires -- ideal for businesses of all types and sizes!

Helpful Hints/Additional Information

  • Xcape Branson is located in the Wild Valley Adventure Park at 236 Wild Valley Way in Branson West, Missouri.
  • Branson West is just a few minutes from Branson - there’s easy access via several routes.
  • Xcape Branson is available by reservation only; it’s a popular attraction, so reserve your time and tickets well in advance of your visit.
  • Be aware that strobe lights, fog, loud noises, magnetic locks, electronics, and other devices and special effects are used to create your escape experience -- make sure these features are acceptable to you before participating.
  • Cell phones, cameras, video equipment, and all other such electronics cannot be taken with you into the escape rooms -- Xcape Branson provides locked spaces for personal items.
  • Do not participate in Xcape Branson if you have pre-existing health conditions, or if you’re susceptible to claustrophobia, panic attacks, or other conditions associated with being confined to an enclosed space.
  • For the safety and security of everyone, all participants are monitored by cameras.
  • Each Escape Room is timed at 60 minutes.

Additional Detail on Available Escape Rooms:

Escape: Zombie Apocalypse - Escape Your Cell

This escape involves four (4) rooms and features that include trick locks, video effects, hidden chambers, and animatronic zombies.  Groups are provided with an iPad for clues, keeping track of time, and taking a group photo.

  • Percentage of Participants Who Escape: 20.5%
  • Fear Factor: 40.5%
  • Level of Difficulty: 69%
  • Guest Rating: 97.1%

Escape: Nuclear Meltdown - Escape a Catastrophe

This escape involves five (5) rooms and features that include electronic games, UV clues, venting nuclear fumes, high-tech special effects, and the most detailed environment offered.  Groups are provided with an iPad for clues, keeping track of time, and taking a group photo.

  • Percentage of Participants Who Escape: 31%
  • Fear Factor: 15%
  • Level of Difficulty: 62%
  • Guest Rating: 94.5%

Escape: Haunted House - Escape the Supernatural

This escape offers the only two (2) floor game in the Ozarks, and includes features like hidden doorways, animation, frightful puzzles, video effects, and ghostly figures.  Recommended for anyone who loves haunted houses!

  • Percentage of Participants Who Escape: 18%
  • Fear Factor: 60.5%
  • Level of Difficulty: 71%
  • Guest Rating: 98%

CGI video effects, intriguing storylines, hidden doors, electronic puzzles, stunning realism, increasing levels of urgency, and everything else that makes for a genuinely captivating experience!  Fun, exciting,’s the adrenaline rush you love, without the risk you hate, and it’s only available at the phenomenal Xcape Branson!

This activity is currently unavailable.
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  Located at 236 Wild Valley Way in Branson West, MO 65737

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After a long trip back to Pennsylvania, we had a lot of time to reflect on our recent visit to Branson, Missouri. Your staff was superior and really delivered flawless! All of our shows had great seats! Alfred was pulled on stage at Grand Jubilee and I laughed like I haven’t in years. We bought the video to relive that moment. It is hard to imagine how we would have had such a wonderful vacation without your help. So when we return, which we will, expect a call from us.
Joan & Alfred D.