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Amazing Pets

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Amazing Pets puts our favorite, furry, four-legged friends front and center on the Branson stage!  Using an unusual troupe of performers comprised of cats and dogs you might find in anyone's house, this show creates a delightful atmosphere for kids from three to ninety-three!  Many of the animals in this exciting show have been rescued from shelters and humane societies across the country, given a good home, and lovingly trained to put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest of curmudgeons!  You'll be surprised at what these common pets can do.

Additional Information/Helpful Hints

  • The Amazing Pets perform at the Grand County Music Hall in the Grand Country Resort.
  • The Grand Country Resort can be found at 1945 76 Country Boulevard.
  • Amazing Pets is approximately two hours in length with an intermission.
  • There are seating options for guests with disabilities, including wheelchair seating, aisle seating, and seating that has limited or no stairs.
  • Non-flash photography is permitted while Amazing Pets performs.
  • This show is perfectly suitable entertainment for guests of all ages, and especially loved by children!
  • The Grand Country Resort is also home to a buffet restaurant, gift shops, and other indoor activities and attractions.
  • You can see these other shows at the Grand Country Music Hall:  Comedy Jamboree, Grand Jubilee, New South Gospel, Branson Country USA, Ozarks Gospel, Ozarks Country, and Down Home Country.

There's so much to love about watching these feline and canine critters entertain us, but these cuddly pets aren't the only performers stealing hearts with every show, their flying, feathered friends share the stage, too!  Beautiful, colorful birds are the special guest stars of Amazing Pets!  Of course, you'll enjoy the talented human trainers and performers who keep the show running smoothly and the stunts coming one after the other!  Gather up the kids, grab grandma and grandpa, and get your tickets for the show you'll all love from beginning to end - Amazing Pets - it's only in Branson!

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8 reviews
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Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed May 7, 2020
I wasn't so sure about the show at first , but my kiddos begged me to go, so we went. The show was amazing! I enjoyed seeing the happy faces on my kiddos and we were able to see some of the Amazing Pets after the show! It was really awesome to find out that all the animals were rescues. Even If you do not have kids I would recommend this show to all types of families! We already have it on our schedule for the next trip to Branson!
Last visited in March 2020

"Had a great time!"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed April 21, 2019
I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about seeing this show, but the gentleman at Save On Branson suggested it for us, and I'm sure glad he did! Fantastic show! Me and my sons loved it, and we got a great deal on the tickets as well! Wonderful way to spend a morning in Branson!
Last visited in April 2019


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed April 6, 2019
Last visited in November 2018


Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed March 21, 2019
I went to this show just to make my kids happy. However, not only did they love it but I really enjoyed it too! They even have household cats that can do tricks. I didn't think you could teach a cat to do anything. LOL The birds were my favorite!! This has got to be one of if not the best morning show in Branson.
Last visited in January 2019


Rating of 3 stars  Reviewed August 14, 2018
I took my 2 grandchildren, ages 10 and 12, and their mother to this show. We enjoyed it but I was somewhat disappointed in the professionalism and caliber of the show. I feel like it lacked "polish". My biggest disappointment in our Branson experience was the high pressure sales when picking up my tickets and as soon as you walk into the Grand Country Resort building. I was astonished that you couldn't go 30 minutes without someone trying to get you to the Wyndham office to talk about time shares. Next time I'll be less naive and much better prepared.
Last visited in August 2018

"I had Happy Tears!"

Rating of 5 stars  Reviewed November 28, 2017
I am 57 & love animals, especially cats. I loved every minute of the Amazing Pets show. I am extremely sensitive to animals that entertain & from what I saw they enjoyed what they were doing & the trainer, Valery Tsoraev seemed loving towards the animals. I liked the host, Apple Jack a lot; he was entertaining & funny to all ages. He handled a large group of children flawlessly & kept the show rolling right along! Cats, dogs, & birds were extremely entertaining, talented, funny! I smiled the entire time, such a happy show. You do not want to miss it!
Last visited in November 2017

"great show for young ones & young at heart"

Rating of 4 stars  Reviewed October 13, 2016
If you love animals, this is a precious show. My children loved it! It keeps a child's attention, then provides a much needed break. Audience involvement is great, too! Easy to find for out of town visitors. Sweet host who appeals to kids & adults alike!
Last visited in October 2016
Rating of 4 stars  Reviewed April 25, 2015

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After a long trip back to Pennsylvania, we had a lot of time to reflect on our recent visit to Branson, Missouri. Your staff was superior and really delivered flawless! All of our shows had great seats! Alfred was pulled on stage at Grand Jubilee and I laughed like I haven’t in years. We bought the video to relive that moment. It is hard to imagine how we would have had such a wonderful vacation without your help. So when we return, which we will, expect a call from us.
Joan & Alfred D.