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A Very Barry Branson

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A Very Barry Branson

You know him as Greg Brady from the smashing ‘70s television series The Brady Bunch, but Barry Williams has had success in show business ever since his initial achievement in television. Barry’s favorite episodes to tape for The Brady Bunch were always the musical ones in which the Brady’s would perform together as a family.  His forays into musicals and acting, as well as the occasional Brady Bunch reunion, have kept Barry busy ever since. As The Brady Bunch’s filming came to an end in 1974, Barry played the starring role in Broadway’s Grease, The Sound of Music, and others, so he clearly has a natural flair for this business! Since then, he has toured the country singing in shows for decades, and the successes of other classic acts venturing out into the Ozarks has inspired Mr. Williams to start his own show here in Branson.  

Barry willingly and openly admits his struggles in getting his show off the ground and running in Branson. Attending other long-running successful shows like Grand Country Music Hall’s Grand Jubilee and Clay Cooper Theatre’s The Haygoods (and trying to get some tips and secrets of the trade), Barry has learned that Branson can be a tricky town to sustain success in.

Growing up as a boy in sunny Pacific Palisades, Barry always wanted to act and fell in love with the stage playing roles in Mission: Impossible and Dragnet before his lead role as Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch. Barry initially appears reluctant to leave the known comforts of LA life behind, but he’s heard about Branson from other successful artists for years, and now wants to explore the traditional family values the Ozarks have to offer!

Barry firmly believed his name alone would be good enough to sell tickets in Branson, but he quickly realized (through dwindling audiences and blatant unrecognition) that this clearly was not the case. Quick to realize his misstep, Barry recovers by seeking advice from successful and experienced acts in town, like tv reality’s The Haygoods. In the first episode, Barry saunters up to The Haygoods’ boat on crystal-blue Table Rock Lake to introduce himself. All of a sudden, crazy Mikey Haygood parachute-lands into Barry’s boat, with adrenaline pumping and high-fives slapping! Barry learned quickly that Branson runs on the extreme outdoors-lifestyle that the Ozarks has to offer. With cameras following him everywhere he goes, from meetings with his agent to

The former child-star celebrates the Me-decade of the 70’s with tunes we all know by heart within the live music capital of the world, Branson, Missouri! His dynamic onstage performance includes 70’s themed music and singing, far-out dancing, the hippest costumes and the grooviest host around, Barry Williams himself! A main goal of Barry’s is to establish his own name as a headlining act, with tourists requesting to see Barry Williams perform, and not have his personal success tied to the recognition of a fictional television series character. Yet, Barry will turn around and admit that “if people know me as Greg Brady, and that helps me sell tickets, then who am I to argue with that?” But Barry has openly stated and made it abundantly clear that he does NOT want to do a Brady Bunch show. His organized personal assistant, Jeremy, suggests that the small audiences at Barry’s show may be due to a separation from the Greg Brady persona. But Barry has a real talent for capturing that nostalgic feeling and passing it down to his audience. There are more than 60,000 seats to fill up during Branson’s peak tourism season (that’s more than Broadway), so Barry has his work cut out for himself! But Branson’s the perfect place to perform a show using Barry’s strengths and also giving the audience exactly what they want: playing tunes such as “Old Time Rock’n’Roll” and hits by Elton John and The Eagles. Barry Williams’ "70’s Music Celebration" plays at the Hughes Brothers Theatre (3425 W 76 Country Blvd) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2:00pm, with tickets available by calling 877-688-3179.

A Very Barry Branson can be seen on Great American Country (GAC) Thursday nights 8pm/C.