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Branson Loves The Duttons!

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Branson Loves The Duttons!

The Duttons are still wowing audiences around the world after more than 30 years of incredible shows!  The popular performers can be seen in any number of cities while on tour, as well as in their winter-time show venue in Mesa, Arizona, but those of us “in the know” understand that the very best place to catch this super-talented family singing, dancing, playing, and making us laugh until we cry, is in America’s capital of live entertainment, the one-and-only Branson, Missouri!  With mom and dad at the helm, also known as Sheila and Dean Dutton, several of their offspring, along with their spouses, and the many grandkids they’ve blessed their folks with, have spent time entertaining thousands of happy audiences over the years. It’s hard to imagine one family having so many talented almost seems like, at least for the Duttons, musical skill is practically a birthright.

Many of the Duttons maintain a role in the shows they produce and deliver to Branson audiences.  The lineup on stage can and has changed from year to year, but guests can rest assured that there are no family “stand ins,” everyone who appears in the show is family to some degree.  Dean Dutton, the family’s patriarch, is a rhythm guitar player who sings bass, while mom, Sheila, handles both the acoustic and electric bass, and enjoys providing narrative at shows. Timothy can handle a wide range of instruments, including violin, piano, electric guitar, mandolin, and banjo, and Judith plays bass and piano.  Amy shows her talent on the viola, violin, and bass, Jonathan on banjo, guitar, mandolin, and more. Abigail excels at banjo and violin, and Jessica gives every show everything she’s got on guitar, mandolin, banjo, and violin. And nearly every performing member of the family handles other duties in the family business, whether it’s related to the theater, or the Dutton Inn, a lodging property the family owns that sits right behind the theater, as well as Abby’s Tourist Trap, a shop next door to the theater.  If that doesn’t sound like enough to keep this busy family...well, busy, their business holdings and ventures aren’t limited to what you see in Branson!

A typical show - and it’s really not fair to use a mundane word like “typical” when talking about the dynamic Dutton family - features a variety of music, including bluegrass, pop, country, and classical. And playing instruments, singing, and dancing isn’t the limit of what this fantastic family puts into every show - they produce the show, handle the choreography, and put together their musical arrangements.  In addition to what happens on the stage, they handle much of what happens behind the scenes, too, like marketing, including all the various disciplines that fall under that label, including advertising, public relations, promotions, and so much more.  

The Duttons have not only gained a loyal legion of fans around the world with their high-energy performances, they’ve been admired by the many big names they’ve encountered in the industry, like the well-respected panel of judges, including the legendary Simon Cowell, who watched them perform on America’s Got Talent.  Branson is fortunate that the Duttons have planted deep roots in the community, and music fans everywhere are darn lucky that the horrible accident that nearly demolished their tour bus earlier this year left the family members with barely a scratch!

If you’ve yet to experience the musical magic that is “The Duttons,” what are you waiting engraved invitation?  Well, consider this your personal invitation to get yourself to Branson and discover how much fun you’ve been missing every time The Duttons take the stage!

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