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The "Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship"

Are you daring enough to reach for the stars? We believe that you are, and we at invite you to enter our Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship with an original essay, for a grand prize of $1,000 to be awarded to the winning author! Scholarship

Over the years, our staff at have been and are fortunate enough to meet all of the wonderful families we bring to Branson each year. Our Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship was conceived and created for each and every young person we have or will have the honor of welcoming to Branson.

As the cost of education in the United States soars, we realize that talented young people who hope to attend college may lack the financial means to do so. Our Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship is our way of giving back to our great nation and the amazing families who have helped us grow over the years with their dedicated patronage. Just as the owner of dared to follow his dreams, we wish to encourage and support our nation's youth in realizing their true potential. Through the recognition and support of outstanding young men and women, we hope to achieve the universal goal of creating a better world for all.

Our Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship not only offers financial assistance, but encourages young men and women to explore their future goals and personal interests. Creating an essay that focuses on individual dreams allows young people to express their innermost thoughts and further develop their strengths. We feel that our success is measured not only by our own merit, but by our willingness and desire to encourage young people to envision and follow their career ambitions, ultimately creating well-educated future leaders of America.

Napoleon Hill said, “The starting point of all achievement is desire,” and we at agree - the desire to succeed creates the force that can. The tried and true adage, “Where there's a will, there's a way,” still rings true today, and our goal is to help pave the way for as many young people as possible. We feel that Branson is a shining example of ingenuity and integrity at its best, and we wish to extend our good fortune to you – with the hope that you will dare to reach for the stars and someday encourage others to follow suit.

Branson shows  have the ability to inspire creativity, spark the imagination and demonstrate through example that all dreams are truly achievable. Many of Branson’s performers are the success that they are today because they dared to shoot for the stars. With strength of character, tenacity, and a willingness to forge ahead no matter the obstacle, you too can achieve any goal you set for yourself. You have the ability to manifest your dreams through self-belief, dedication and support from positive influences.

Whether you have the opportunity to enjoy the Dixie Stampede, be amazed by the Sight and Sound Theater, sing along with the Presley's, or dine on the Showboat Branson Belle, when you are here in Branson, we want to hear how one of the wonderful shows you experience inspires you or changes your life in a positive way. Many have enjoyed the many shows and performances at Silver Dollar City, Branson's award winning theme park. Whether you find a career path, are influenced to follow your dreams, or are motivated and encouraged to overcome life-challenges to pursue higher education, we at welcome your essay submission.

Scholarship Winner

Julia attends Minnetonka High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota. She plans on attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in the fall. Her favorite show in Branson is The Haygood's! She has many great memories of spending time in Branson with her family.

Congratulations Julia and best of luck at Brigham Young!

  1. Scholarship Name is proud to present the Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship, an essay-style scholarship designed to assist in furthering education for young people.

  2. Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship Topic

    The essay topic for our annual scholarship is, “How (*Enter Your Show*) Inspired Me to Realize My Dreams.” Don't be afraid to be creative or let your personality shine! We want to hear your unique voice! You may include a short personal statement at the end of your essay if preferred, but it is not a requirement. In the event that you have not seen a Branson Show, you may research and use your creativity.

  3. Award Amount

    One annual scholarship will be awarded as a one-time grant in the amount of $1,000 to the winning essay recipient or academic institution.  The scholarship will be deposited to the financial aid office of the institution enrolled in by the winner.  A new recipient will be chosen each year, allowing a greater number of applicants to benefit.  Scholarship recipient must enroll, or be enrolled in an institution for higher learning, or they will forgoe the awarded scholarship to the runner up.

  4. Eligibility

    The Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship is open to legal residents of the United States between the ages of 16 and 19, who are current students of any accredited educational institution or program of higher learning. High school students and homeschooled students who plan to enroll in college upon graduation are strongly encouraged to apply. No person affiliated with may submit an entry.

  5. How Essays are Judged

    Essay applicants are judged on creative voice, originality, and overall influence. All essays must be Branson show related for consideration. Essays should be submitted typed in Times New Roman Font with a font size of 12 for easy readability.

  6. Submission Deadline

    To be considered eligible for the Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship by, all entries must be received by October 15th annually. Due to the large number of submissions, no essays submitted by postal mail will be returned to the sender.

  7. Scholarship Finalist Selected

    The annual recipient of the Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship will be selected and notified on or before November 15th annually.

How To Apply

All applicants should submit an original 500 to 2,000 word essay via our online form or with the applicant's full name, valid email address, telephone number, and mailing address in the upper right-hand corner of the essay along with a signed copy of the "Content Contribution Agreement" via a stamped envelope to:

Branson Show Tickets
Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship
1440 State Hwy 248, Suite Q #514
Branson, Missouri 65616

Acceptable formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF)