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Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai - Branson’s Most Electrifying Show Experience!

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Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai - Branson’s Most Electrifying Show Experience!

There’s nothing quite as visually stunning, electrifying, and a downright joy to witness as Branson’s Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, yet, at the same time, it's a show that repeatedly puts you at the edge-of-your-seat, biting your nails, and occasionally covering your eyes for fear something, or worse, someone is going to take a terrible tumble!  These lithe, incredibly flexible, and beautifully graceful athletes are performers at the highest level of acrobatic accomplishment, sharing the ancient art form of their homeland in a way that many people can’t fully appreciate until they witness it with their own eyes.  Whether they use props or simply their own amazingly strong bodies, the stunts they manage to pull off are astounding!  

Although many of the individual acts you’ll see on stage at the Grand Shanghai Theatre, home of the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, seem to reflect cutting-edge feats, most of what these uber-talented young people share with audiences is actually employing an ancient Chinese art form. So much in the world today is considered “old” before it’s barely become mainstream and quickly discarded for the next new “thing,” which makes what these disciplined, capable young athletes do that much more impressive.  Each generation teaches the next so that these treasured displays aren’t lost with the passing of time. Using hoops and barrels of all sizes, plates, urns, dangling silks, ladders, chairs, and many other props that you might find in any home, but usually not in any theater’s prop room, the acrobats delight us with one stunning feat after the next. And all of these brilliant stunts are complemented by gorgeous costumes, colorful accessories, music, and other performance components that make for a wonderful display of the magic of the Orient!  (Hint:  Keep an eye on the youngster with the cute Beatles-like mop of hair and quick smile, he loves performing and often displays a grin, a wink, or a wave of the hand, joyfully welcoming your applause!)

In addition to the show, something you shouldn’t miss is the gift shop - it’s stocked with nice, but inexpensive, souvenirs of the show, including nice items like jewelry, fans, and more that the artist on staff can engrave with your actual Chinese characters!  You’ll be very impressed with how incredibly quickly he puts your name to your purchase; what looks like a difficult art form to us is simply “writing” for the artist, yet it still reminds us of the beauty of China that’s always intrigued us, from the music, to the appreciation for ancient traditions, and to the language, both spoken and written.

Whether you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai , or any other show featuring acrobatics from China, or not, you’re probably aware of them.  When you’re ready to see the best of the best doing the unbelievable things these young people can do, we can help you make the decision on which of these popular shows to see, and where to catch one, by highly recommending that you visit Branson to see the much-more-than amazing Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai!

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