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The Branson Spotlight Shines Brightly on The Johnson Strings!

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The Branson Spotlight Shines Brightly on The Johnson Strings!

There’s real family chemistry of magical proportions taking place in the capital of live entertainment every time The Johnson Strings take the Branson stage!  You know, there’s something truly special about a family that does things together, but this big family takes that concept up a few notches when every single one of them takes the stage...most families feel fortunate to have one child who’s musically gifted, can you imagine the pride that mom and dad Johnson have in all six - that’s right, there’s six of them - of their children, with every single one of them being an incredibly talented artist?  This exceptionally close and happy family not only gets to do what they love all together on one stage, they can rejoice in the fact that people are catching on to just how darn good they are by packing the house show after show! 

We’ve shared a post on The Johnson Strings before, but we mostly talked about them collectively as a band - let’s get to know each of the siblings a little better.  You’ll be surprised to know that every one of the young Johnsons is not only an accomplished musician, they each possess other important skills, including holding a role in producing the show.  Laura plays viola, violin, piano, and cello, and she’s also a portrait artist who handles photography, cinematography, and marketing duties. Karen plays violin and piano; she teaches violin and handles choreography, and also happens to be a certified chef.  Luke plays viola, piano, violin, and banjo, and he manages finances and taxes for the show - he’s also an accomplished web designer. Abigail plays violin, piano, and mandolin; she also teaches piano and arranges music for the band. Seth plays cello and he’s currently an engineering student - he helps the family out by fixing things, and has an interest in beekeeping.  Youngest, Silas, plays cello and piano while also attending high school. And let’s give credit to Mom and Dad, Linda and Paul, they’ve raised their brood right!

So, what can you expect to hear from this tight-knit group when they take the stage?  A bit of everything, including bluegrass, gospel, pop hits, classical numbers, and more.  Loyal fans will tell you that just hearing them play “Orange Blossom Special,” and then bring the appreciative audience out of their seats for a rousing rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever,” is more than worth the price of a ticket!  And speaking of fans, they have plenty in the music industry, too - they’ve enjoyed wins at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival, Christian Film Fest, and Christian Worldview Film Festival.  

If the last time you were in Branson was so long ago that the Majestic Theatre was the Majestic Steakhouse, then it’s time you returned!  The Johnson clan renovated a nice section of the building for a comfortable and intimate theater where they perform. There’s also a concession area where guests can purchase amazingly delicious cookies prepared with chef Karen’s very own recipes!  

If you need a good reason to pay a visit to Branson soon, we’ve got eight really great reasons for you, and you’ll find them all in one place - at the beautiful Majestic Theatre when The Johnson Strings take the stage!

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