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Branson’s Austin Singley Serves Up Hypnotic Laughter!

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Branson’s Austin Singley Serves Up Hypnotic Laughter!

Branson’s only show with both a family-friendly version and one aimed at an adult audience, is delivered by the hilarious master of laughter and hypnosis, Austin Singley!  This town offers dozens of shows - a wide variety of live entertainment that makes it easy for everyone to find something that makes them happy, but there’s nothing in Branson that folks enjoy more than laughing themselves silly, and satisfying silliness abounds during Comedy Hypnosis with Austin Singley!  As we like to say, this gifted funny man is always ready to mess with your mind - but don’t get too worried, your precious sanity is safely in the hands of a genius.. a “comedy” genius, that is!

It shouldn’t be surprising that Singley selected a theater that’s home to comedy legend, Yakov Smirnoff - in this place, grins, chuckles, guffaws, and giggles are practically part of the decor.  Austin makes good use of Yakov’s beautiful venue, putting his own touches on everything, from the lighting to the sound, the stage sets to the concessions, creating a theater experience that provides an ideal backdrop for the most fun you’ve had in forever!  Austin has also managed to create a production that boasts a big, high-tech kind of show typically found in Las Vegas, yet one that still feels very intimate, delivering that up-close-and-personal type of performance that everyone finds so appealing. And it’s not just during the show that you’ll get to know this talented comedian and gifted artist in the science of hypnosis, Austin likes to hang around after the show, getting to know the happy people he’s turned into loyal fans with just one performance!

You can catch Comedy Hypnosis with Austin Singley for the remainder of 2019 at 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, except for Christmas day, and Comedy Hypnosis After Dark with Austin Singley at 10:00 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday in September, and Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from October through December - except October 4. Other show dates in addition to this regular schedule are: Thursday, October 31 (a special Halloween production,) Thursday, November 28,and Thursday, December 26.  If you’re looking for more things to do in Branson at night, check this out: “Discovering Branson’s Nightlife - 10 Great Places to Hang Out!

We could go on and on about why you need to see this show, but anyone who checks out TripAdvisor before buying tickets will discover perfect or near-perfect ratings along with strong suggestions that everyone should see this show - and how many reviews do you read by someone who saw a show twice during one visit to Branson?  In addition to folks enjoying the family-friendly version and coming back to the theater for the “after dark” performance, there are oodles of people planning return visits to Branson just to experience Comedy Hypnosis with Austin Singley again...nothing we can say will ever beat that!

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