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Branson’s C.J. Newsom - Music and Laughs Delivered with Country Class!

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Branson’s C.J. Newsom - Music and Laughs Delivered with Country Class!

C.J. Newsom’s delightful show, Classic Country & Comedy, goes beyond the title to offer a song list with a little something extra, including the music of Patsy Cline, one of the first female artists whose hit songs easily defied genre labels, appealing to music fans from all walks of life.  And no live music headliner could ask for a better comedic sidekick; Newsom shares the stage with non other than Terry Sanders, the long-time funnyman who could easily own the moniker of Branson’s Lord of Laughter! Together, they keep audiences singing, humming, clapping, and bursting with mirth throughout the show!  

In addition to the timeless music of Patsy Cline, the versatile Newsom shares the hits of other legendary ladies, a list of favorites that may vary from time to time, but can include Dolly Parton, Judy Garland, Reba McEntire, Loretta Lynn, and others.  And she doesn’t limit the incredible music to the gals; other artists whose music she’s been known to cover include Chuck Berry, and another genre-crossing artist like Cline, music’s “main man in black,” Mr. Johnny Cash. C.J.’s love of performing can be traced back to early childhood, the learned-at-home singer has never had professional voice training, she realized she’d been blessed with a special gift when she was just a young girl of three - it was her own mother who taught her some basics.  Her family traveled a lot, bringing little C.J. along and letting her sing in local fairs and vocal competitions along the way, eventually finding herself with a regular stint with the Webster County Opry in Missouri. A visit to the Grand Ole Opry and working for a variety of shows eventually brought Newsom to the stage in her own Branson production, the latest of which is the popular C.J. Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy at the Americana Theatre. 

And what’s better than a talented headliner with a set list that reads like a music hall of fame yearbook?  A headlining vocalist performing with a phenomenal live band, that’s what! C.J.’s long-time band, The Re-Cliners (get the clever pun there,) feature an impressive lineup of musicians any singer would envy. Josh Carrol is  lead guitar for the band; he’s got a strong Branson resume, as well as a history of gigs across the country handling guitar and directing duties for famed country music artist, Candy Coburn. On piano, David Brooks can bring the goods on a wide variety of musical styles and genres, including country, pop, Ragtime, and rockabilly.  Camby Henson more than capably attacks the electric upright bass, having cut his teeth with the jazz band in the Branson school district, and at local and state festivals. Drummer Craig White hails from Ozark Jubilee royalty; his father, Bob White, performed on the classic television show, while Craig took on a role that’s nearly a rite of passage for young men in the area, portraying Little Pete in the legendary Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama.  Greg Moody rounds out the group, offering his talent on various instruments, including banjo, steel guitar, and mandolin. 

You didn’t think we’d forget someone, did you?  Of course not, who could forget the delightfully over-the-top hilarious comedy and mischievous antics of the incomparable Terry Sanders?  There’s no busier entertainer in Branson than Mr. Sanders, and if you have doubts about that, just check out his social media - he holds more character roles than most artists might tackle in a lifetime.  In addition to providing the hilarious hijinks for C.J. Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy, Sanders juggles several alter egos for the award-winning theme park, Silver Dollar City, where he’s been a character fixture for 40 years, including:  Alexander Osterman, clock maker and time traveler - Col. Paisley A. Parnell, banker - Mr. M. Balmer, Undertaker, and Dr. “Doc” Horacio Harris, the inventor of Wildfire, one of the park’s many thrilling coasters. He also, simultaneously, provides the comic relief in the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama in the role of Ollie Stewart, a character he’s honed to perfection over the nearly 20 years he’s been part of the iconic Branson production.

If you’re a loyal Branson guest, then you already know how many fantastic shows can be found here.  If you’ve yet to pay a visit, or you haven’t been in ages, you need to check out the live entertainment scene that awaits!  Either way, make sure every future visit includes plenty of shows, even though Branson has so much to offer, including great shopping, lots of wonderful places to eat, oodles of attractions and museums, and even more, shows are the unique offering on which Branson can hang its hat - having dozens upon dozens of live shows of nearly every kind is what truly sets Branson apart from other American destinations.  And C.J. Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy is one of those fun shows that deserves to be on every itinerary!

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