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Branson Offers 8 Great Grand Country Shows - What’s Your Favorite?

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Branson Offers 8 Great Grand Country Shows - What’s Your Favorite?

There’s no place in Branson, Missouri that can give you the greatest of grand ol’ times quite like the live entertainment lineup at Grand Country.  With eight different shows, there’s sure to be one that appeals to everyone in your family. Country music? Of course! Pop and classic rock favorites?  Sure! What about funny stuff? Packed to the rafters! Heck, there’s even a show where the stars have four legs...the furry kind. You’ll find all this fantastic live entertainment and more inside the Grand Country Music Hall, a perfectly sized venue with just under 600 seats, large enough to accommodate demand, yet not so huge that you lose that up-close-and-personal feeling with every artist on the stage.

Guess what else you’ll find at Grand Country?  Fun activities like indoor mini-golf, laser tag, arcade games, bumper cars, indoor go-karts, mini-bowling, and the delightful Grand Country’s Farm 18-Hole Mini-Golf.  There’s also delicious buffet dining at the Grand Country Buffet, and the 2018 Best Of Branson Papa Grand’s Pizza, offering a nice selection of tasty pizza, as well as a fresh salad bar.  There are two nice gift shops, and there’s lodging available at the Inn, also home to a large indoor/outdoor waterpark. But we’re here to tell you about the great shows you’ll find in the Grand Country Music Hall.  We’ll list these in alpha order, just to make it easy, and tell you a little about each show so you can choose what sounds best to you...oh, what the hay, just go ahead and see them all!  

Without further ado…

1.  Amazing Pets:  Featuring the most adorably cuddly critters you’ll ever encounter, this show is filled with laughter, surprising tricks and stunts performed by cats, dogs, and even beautiful exotic birds gorgeously bedecked in dazzling colors!  Encouraged by their talented human friends, these playful pets love to perform, and it’s nice to know that, not only are they lovingly cared for, some have even been rescued from shelters. Only the most hard-hearted wouldn’t love this show!

Schedule:  Amazing Pets perform mostly at 10:00 a.m., but there are also some 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. performances on select dates.  January through December

Nice to Know:  Non-flash photography only please; you sure don’t want your flashes to scare your new furry friends on stage!

2.  Branson Country USA:  Unique among the many other shows in town, Branson Country USA is recorded and syndicated on radio and TV stations across the country, letting the live audience be part of the broadcast!  The other unique feature is the time; being at 10:30 p.m. gives night owls something really fun to do, and hosts Jim Dandy, a.k.a. Jamie Haage, and Mike Patrick are sure to amp up that fun!  Music is courtesy of vocalist, Jackie Brown, singer and fiddle player, Melody Hart, gospel quartet, New South, and the fantastic Grand Band. 

Schedule:  Branson Country USA can be seen every Friday at 10:30 p.m.  January through December

Nice to Know:  Hey, it’s a late night show that’s shared on radio and television, now that’s really nice!

3.  Comedy Jamboree:  It’s all about the funny when Applejack, a.k.a. Shannon Thompson, Stretch McCord, a.k.a. Justin Sifford, and Andy Parks invade the Music Hall stage!  Too much of today’s comedy relies on swearing, criticism, and basically “going low” to get a laugh; that’s never the case in Branson, especially at Comedy Jamboree, where your youngest kiddo to your great grandma will laugh themselves silly!  The lovable loonies share the stage with the dynamic Grand Band, pianist Tracy Heaston, and excellent singers.

Schedule:  Comedy Jamboree appears at 3:00 p.m. on most days except Sunday and Thursday.  January through December. 

Nice to Know:  As we mentioned, this is family-friendly comedy - clean but still adult enough to make the grown ups laugh, and goofy enough to appeal to any youngster!

4.  Down Home Country:  A show every country music fan will love...Down Home Country is downright amazing!  Jammed with lots of your favorites, including classic country, Western swing, and great gospel, this morning music show must-see is emceed by Jamie Haage, a talented musician and comedian - he’s joined by singer Melody Hart, an excellent fiddle player, and the Grand Band.  Comic relief comes from the downright delightfully daffy Jarrett Doughterty, who brings a whole slew of hilarious characters along for the ride!  

Schedule:  Down Home Country performs at 10:00 a.m. on weekdays.  April & May - September through December

Nice to Know:  The Grand Band features another highly regarded and awarded fiddle player, Wayne Massengale, who just happens to be fiddler Melody Hart’s main squeeze!

5.  Grand Jubilee:  Grand Country Music Hall’s premier show, Grand Jubilee, is headlined by the phenomenal New South - they deliver the best of country, rock, gospel, pop, and Top 40 favorites. New South features Mark McCauley handling those lovable low notes, David Ragan singing lead, baritone coming from Jon Drockelman,  and tenor singer, Luke Menard, a familiar face to American Idol fans. They’re joined by singer, Jackie Brown, and the always great Grand Band, with lots of bellyachin’ laughs from emcees Jamie Haage and Mike Patrick!

Schedule:  Grand Jubilee holds court at the Music Hall at 7:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  January through December

Nice to Know:  Being the long-running headline show means it’s a hot ticket; book early for the best seats and remember, the theater isn’t huge, so don’t wait and end up empty-handed!

6. New South Gospel:  If you loved them in Grand Jubilee, just imagine those four handsome, uber-talented songbirds bringing down the house while delivering the gospel music goods!  Joining the fellas - who we introduced to you just above - is piano virtuoso, Tracy Heaston, a dazzling Grand Country player who’s also known for his crowd-gathering solo performances at Silver Dollar City.  The men’s gospel classics are complemented by the extraordinary vocals of the lovely Jackie Brown, as well as singer, Jim Dandy.

Schedule:  New South Gospel performs at 3:00 p.m. most Thursdays.  April through December

Nice to Know:  If you love the New South quartet (and trust us, you will) it’s extra nice to know you can see them in three shows at Grand Country Music Hall!

7.  Ozarks Country:  The unforgettable Bilyeaus, Tammy and Tonya, bring an impressive resume to Grand Country’s latest additions to the show lineup, as the Stutterettes, they provided back-up vocals for the legendary Mel Tillis.  Hailing from a famous Ozarks family of artists, these stunning ladies are brilliant singers who belt out classic country and big hits from today’s music charts. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday night in Branson...singing along, laughing til your face aches, and having the time of your life!

Schedule:  Ozarks Country plays on most Sundays at 7:00 p.m.  April through December

Nice to Know:  If you discover that Ozarks Country is your new favorite show, just wait until you see the Bilyeaus in Ozarks Gospel!

8.  Ozarks Gospel:  And here it is, your other excellent opportunity to enjoy the much-more-than-memorable Bilyeaus.  For novice listeners, gospel offers way more musical diversity than you might can be uplifting, inspirational, and emotional, but also upbeat and can easily get your gotta-dance mojo movin’!  Classic favorites like “Turn Your Radio On” and “I’ll Fly Away” are a great example of the songs you’ll hear. And like every Grand Country show, there’ll be plenty of laughter to brighten your Sunday afternoon!

Schedule:  Ozarks Gospel will lift your spirits nearly every Sunday at 3:00 p.m.  February through December

Nice to Know:  If you happen to catch Ozarks Gospel first and think your Sunday can’t get any better, just head back to theater at 7:00 p.m. (or better yet, stick around and eat dinner, play some mini-golf….) because you can catch both shows on nearly every Sunday of their annual schedule!

There you have it, one wonderful theater - eight great Grand Country shows!  

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