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Silver Dollar City in Branson - New Ride & Park Expansion - This is HUGE!

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Silver Dollar City in Branson - New Ride & Park Expansion - This is HUGE!

Branson’s world-famous, multi-award-winning theme park, Silver Dollar City, just made its “biggest announcement ever,” according to president, Brad Thomas...Branson’s top entertainment draw is undergoing a major park expansion, highlighted by Mystic River Falls, a ginormous water raft ride!  The park expansion, known as the Rivertown project, will rise from the area of the park where the 80s-era water ride, Lost River of the Ozarks, once called home. By 2020, guests will be able to experience this incredible new area of Silver Dollar City, a project valued at about $30 million. The fantastic new water ride will feature “the tallest drop on a raft ride in the Western Hemisphere,” as well as generate a splashdown that’s sure to soak you silly - we can’t even imagine not being here to experience it!

A little more on this new raft ride...a tower that’s 82 feet high will rotate rafts as they climb up what will be the tallest such tower in the world!  Once riders are at the top, they’ll float along a river channel that’s six stories high and 180 feet long, finally reaching that “tallest drop” of 45 feet - in a word, it’s going to be amaaaaazing!  And that’s not all you’ll find in the righteous new Rivertown, it’ll include the Rivertown Smokehouse, bursting with the delicious scent of barbecue, and the area will be beautifully displayed in the 1880s theme that’s carried throughout the City. (Special Side Note: Today’s announcement falls on the 119th anniversary of Mary Herschend’s birth. In 1960, Mary and husband, Hugo, turned Marvel Cave and the small village of Marmaros into what would become one of the country’s premier theme parks.)

Other big announcements that turned the theme park world’s attention to Branson over the past few years include the addition of: Time Traveler, the record-breaking coaster with three inversions, a 95-foot tall vertical loop, and more awe-inspiring features, that reaches speeds of 50.3 mph -- Outlaw Run, with a 720-degree double barrel roll, the world’s first and only on a wood coaster, with a first drop of 162 feet at 81 degrees, and reaching a top speed of 68 mph -- as well as a new area of rides and special features known as Fireman’s Landing, and a new fall festival feature called Pumpkin Nights.  Theme park fanatics are also looking for something new and fun, and Branson’s Silver Dollar City never disappoints!  

In addition to always-incredible Silver Dollar City, thrill seekers and fun lovers can check out Fritz’s Adventure and their new Aerodium Flight ExperienceAdventure Ziplines of BransonParakeet Pete’s Zipline & Balloon RideRunaway Mountain CoasterVigilante Extreme ZipRiderWhite Water (waterpark,) Branson Zipline Blue Streak Fast LineBranson Zipline Snowflex TubingIndian Point Zipline Adventure Tours, and Shepherd of the Hills Zipline Canopy Tours. It’s not a complete list of all the thrilling activities you’ll find in Branson, but it’ll keep you busy for a while!

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